9 November 2013

Get them while you can!

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be wrapping up the shop section of my website. So If you want any buttons, rulers or switches now is the time. Once they're gone they're gone!

7 May 2013

Mr Button + Picaloulou = Niceness

A little while ago children's knitwear brand Picaloulou approached me about using my Mr Buttons on some of their knitwear designs. As you can see they are now being used on their lovely Mr Button Striped Cardigans. Lovely!

5 March 2013

Jpegs Now Available!

The great guys at Thabto have just launched my Jpegs. A pack of three will set you back just £12 and are available directly from their website here.

19 January 2013

Little Red Sled + Snow = Joy

A successful day was had today giving the Little Red Sled a proper testing. Lets just say this bad boy flies!

1 November 2012

Moustache Door Mat Now Available!

It's been a little while in the making but the wonderful guys at Thabto have just launched my moustache door mat on their website. Not only that, they're donating 5% of all their moustache based sales during November to the Movember charity. Hooray!

3 September 2012

Adam's Rib


I stumbled across this video the other day. It's beautifully shot and gives a lovely insight into one mans life and work. I'd like to one day build a wooden canoe but can't see myself having the time for quite a while. I'll keep dreaming.

Melvin The Traveling Mini Machine

I've posted a video before of this chaps older brother but this little fella is just great. Melvin The Traveling Mini Machine is a mini Rube Goldberg-style machine that takes 38 steps to put a stamp on a postcard. Created by HeyHeyHey.

Laser Bread

I'm loving the originality of Laser Breads works. His Flickr photostream can be found here.

1 May 2012

Imagine with Lego

I thought these Lego posters by Jung von Mat were just great. There's a few more to guess over at Creative Review.