12 June 2011

Close, but no cigar

I was thrilled when I found out that my 'Knot Handle' had been shortlisted from over 6,000 entrants in Designbooms 'Hands on door handles' competition. My design received some mixed comments but was always intended to be a bit tongue-in-cheek! The winning designs were all very worthy and I particularly liked the cool minimalism of Alexander Hoffart's 'Grow' design.

Sylvester in the wild

These photos were posted up on the Suck UK Facebook page back in April. They absolutely made my day. Fantastic!

Designs for life won't make you a living

There are some sad but true facts in Justin McGuirk's recent article on the guardian website. This is really worth a read. Link

What is a Designer?

In my mind Michael DiTullo's components of a designer is spot on!

via Core77

In Defense of Delight

Three cheers for delight! A great article by Ingrid Fetell over at Core77. Link

Jens Risom’s Prefab House

One day I'd like to build a house like this. Link

Etsy on Vimeo

Etsy has a great video channel on Vimeo. Their Handmade Portraits films are beautifully shot and give you a great insight into some of its users. Lovely stuff! Link

Louise Campbell

If you have the time I thoroughly recommend watching this interview with designer Louise Campbell on the dwell website. It's a great insight into here studio in Copenhagen.

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From the desk of.....

Having a good nose at where and how people work is great. From the desk of... has a really impressive catalog of images and write ups from some top creative folk.

5 June 2011

The Splinter Bike

A great little video about a great little idea. This could only have been done by a bloke in a shed. Nice. Link


IdeaPaint looks great. It can be painted onto any wall to convert it into a dry erase board. I'd love a wall like this in my studio.

Product by Process

I can't remember how I found it but this has been sat in my bookmarks for a while. Product by Process is a fantastic website full of great videos showing you how some great design pieces have been made. If you've got a bit of free time they're well worth a look.

Punched Out Font

At last a font for 3D designers. Link

A great little game

This is a great little website I found a while back. Link

In praise of… the Workmate

A lovely little article I came across in February. Link


I found 3EyedBear the other day. It has some great little free paper creatures for you to download, make and enjoy. Lovely.