16 January 2010

Happy Houses

I can't help but love these houses. Found through ffffound.

Polaroid Is Back

I'm a bit of a Polaroid fan and it looks like their instant film cameras are back. The new PIC 1000 will come in a slick wood grain pattern or a more traditional silver and black. It’ll take Polaroid 600 film, which is now being produced by The Impossible Project. Hooray for Polaroid!

12 January 2010

Stylophone BeatBox

What a fantastically annoying yet brilliant product. Link

Camper Bike

Camper bike anyone? Looks great until you get to a hill. Link

Jointmaker Pro Saw

I'm pretty impressed by this. It looks particularly good at cutting little fiddly bits for model making. I want one!

Amazing Table Saw

Yes we're going to use a salty wet conductive all beef frank! This is amazing technology I just hope it doesn't encourage complacency.

This Is Where We Live

This little animation sure is good. It was produced by Apt Studio and Asylum Films in stop-motion over 3 weeks in Autumn 2008. Each scene was shot on a home-made dolly by an insane bunch of animators. You can see time-lapse films of each sequence being prepared here.

The Designer's Tongue

This is great. Link

4 January 2010

Digital Wood Joints

I know these will only be of interest to a select few, but as a frequent user of a CNC machine, these are a really great insight into how CNC technology is changing the craft of carpentry. Flexible Stream, an online source for free design, currently has 50 examples of digital wood joints to download under a Creative Commons-License. Link

Comvert’s Bastard Bowl

Develop 3D have written a really interesting article about the design and construction of an indoor skate bowl above the design offices, warehousing, and flagship store for Comvert in Italy. Link

Gestalten TV

I recently discovered Gestalten TV. It offers an amazing array of interviews and insights into the ideas and thinking of some really great creative professionals. Take a look. Link