1 May 2012

Imagine with Lego

I thought these Lego posters by Jung von Mat were just great. There's a few more to guess over at Creative Review.

Coffee with your laser cutting sir?

So in Shibuya Japan there's a cafe when you can laser cut and make things while you sit and drink a brew! I think this is a pretty nice idea especially for etching graphics and cutting smaller items whilst meeting similar minded folk. I think there's a real future for Fablabs as a pay as you go service and wish one would open up near to me. I guess in the mean time I'll just have to start building my own.

Inside The Brompton Factory

Being a fan of the folder I thought this look inside the Brompton factory in London was great. Just look at those welding jigs. Amazing stuff.

Denizen Sauna by Denizen Works + Friends

This beautiful little sauna by Denizen Works caught my eye a little while ago. I'd love to have one at the bottom of my garden as a studio space.