25 July 2010

New Work - Hercule & Cheese Board

I've been meaning to add these two pieces for a while. The cheese board was initially made as Christmas presents for friends and family and the doormat was a little addition to our back door. I hope people like them. As with most of my work I am currently looking for any interested producers for both of them.

12 July 2010

New Work - Apron Cooking Guides

I'm really chuffed to let you know that I have a new design in production with the guys at Suck UK. The new design is a cooking apron with lots and lots of really useful information printed on it to help you as you cook. Included on the design are cooking times, freezing guides, temperature and weight conversion charts and even a spaghetti measure. It's not available just yet but will be very soon. Once again thanks Suck UK!

11 July 2010

The Digital-Analog Hybrid Disc

London-based Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki has collaborated with DJ Jeff Mills to produce a disc with a vinyl press on one side and a CD mix on the other, merging analog and digital music formats into one. The disc is produced by AXIS records and manufactured by German company optimal media production.

The Evolution of the World Cup Ball

A great look at how the World Cup Ball has evolved. Maybe we should bring back the Challenge 4-Star then England might have a chance of winning. Link

Sleeper Projects Drum Kit

Being a keen drummer I was intrigued to take a closer look at Sleeper Projects nesting drum kit. It's not the first nesting drum kit but it's paired down simplicity and simple styling make it look like a real winner. I'd love to give it a go. More info here