3 July 2011

RIP Habitat

It was a bit of a shock when I heard this week that British design retailer Habitiat is to close down. More information can be read hear

ShapeOko CNC machine

The ShapeOko is a desktop CNC machine that is completely open source and designed to be build for $300. Although it is clearly intended for small parts this would be a great tool for model making with a Dremel attachment or a cutting blade for vinyl work. I'll be keeping a close eye on this!

Melvin the magical mixed media machine

I love this.

Why has everything gone grey?

Another great article on The Guardian design site. Link

Hendzel + Hunt 24hr Design Challenge

This is a great little film about 18 Designers and Makers, 5 Teams, 24 Hours and 1 Epic Design Challenge. Great stuff!

The Legotron

The Legotron was built by photographer Cary Norton and produces some stunning shots. It has a focus range of 3' to 18" and looks amazing!

via Make