1 November 2012

Moustache Door Mat Now Available!

It's been a little while in the making but the wonderful guys at Thabto have just launched my moustache door mat on their website. Not only that, they're donating 5% of all their moustache based sales during November to the Movember charity. Hooray!

3 September 2012

Adam's Rib


I stumbled across this video the other day. It's beautifully shot and gives a lovely insight into one mans life and work. I'd like to one day build a wooden canoe but can't see myself having the time for quite a while. I'll keep dreaming.

Melvin The Traveling Mini Machine

I've posted a video before of this chaps older brother but this little fella is just great. Melvin The Traveling Mini Machine is a mini Rube Goldberg-style machine that takes 38 steps to put a stamp on a postcard. Created by HeyHeyHey.

Laser Bread

I'm loving the originality of Laser Breads works. His Flickr photostream can be found here.

1 May 2012

Imagine with Lego

I thought these Lego posters by Jung von Mat were just great. There's a few more to guess over at Creative Review.

Coffee with your laser cutting sir?

So in Shibuya Japan there's a cafe when you can laser cut and make things while you sit and drink a brew! I think this is a pretty nice idea especially for etching graphics and cutting smaller items whilst meeting similar minded folk. I think there's a real future for Fablabs as a pay as you go service and wish one would open up near to me. I guess in the mean time I'll just have to start building my own.

Inside The Brompton Factory

Being a fan of the folder I thought this look inside the Brompton factory in London was great. Just look at those welding jigs. Amazing stuff.

Denizen Sauna by Denizen Works + Friends

This beautiful little sauna by Denizen Works caught my eye a little while ago. I'd love to have one at the bottom of my garden as a studio space.

17 March 2012

Flying Robot Quadrotors - James Bond

Arghhh we're all going to be over run by flying robot quadrotors performing James Bond.

Garage Mini House

This fantastic garage conversion on shoeboxdwelling really caught my eye.

Micro - Very Small Buildings

I recently got Micro - Very Small Buildings by Ruth Slavid. It's a great book and is inspiring me to think about a small architectural job I'd like to do in the future. I thoroughly recommend it to someone who is a little scared by huge architectural jobs but would like to get into construction design on a small scale.

Sohei Nishino's Diorama Maps

The diorama maps of Sohei Nishino are simply incredible. Link

Philippe Starck TED talk


I've always had a bit of a divided opinion about Philippe Starck. Some of his work I really like but sometimes it's just not for me. After watching this talk I can't quite make my mind up if he's a genius of just a bit of a nutter. Well worth watching.

4 February 2012

Patrick Bérubé - Incidence

This is brilliant.

Hidden Heroes

I'd love to go and see this. There is something beautiful about design that is so common place you almost don't realise it's there.

1 January 2012

Ice Cube Celebrates The Eames

I like hip-hip, I like architecture but what I like more is hip-hop and architecture. Go Ice Cube!

Rob Ryan at Work

Like many others I am a big fan of Rob Ryan's work. Seeing him working in his London studio is just great.

Berg's Little Printer

I'm not sure what to make of Berg's little printer. Part of me loves it and part of me thinks it's the type of object that could very quickly become obsolete. I do love the design though. Minimal with a touch of fun, just the way I like things.

Power of Making

Go Makers!

Mr Cameron, it's time to get the designers in

'Mr Cameron, it's time to get the designers in' Another great article by Justin McGuirk over on the Guardian website.

In The Make

There are some great studio visits on inthemake It's well worth a look.

The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

Sadly this is still only a prototype. I'd snap one up if not.