30 August 2009

Dominic Hargreaves Folding Bike

Being a bit of a fan of folding bikes I was blown away when I saw this design by Dominic Hargreaves. The part I like the most is the way the front wheel folds. Amazing work. Link

There I Fixed It

My new favorite website. Link

Dieter Rams Flickr Group

A lovely collection of products by The King of functional minimalism, Dieter Rams. Link

Jasper Knight's Apache Helicopter

There's something really nice about work inspired by toys and games from childhood and Jasper Knight's amazing sculpture of a 1:2 scale Apache assault helicopter is no exception. It's made from birch plywood and measures nearly 6 meters in length. Link

11 August 2009

Ping Pong Ball Skills

I guess this is what happens when you have way too much time on your hands. Still amazing though.

Magical Packaging for Harry Potter

A selection of some of the packaging designs for a host of magical products created specially for the set of the latest Harry Potter film by designer Nicholas Saunders. Link

Lee Stoetzel

Lee Stoetzel likes to make things out of lumps of wood, but who doesn't. Link

Caliper Pen

I think I could use this just about every day. Link

2 August 2009

Quote of the week

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture."

-Brian Eno


A short film by LA art magazine Arkitip on the Studio HunterGatherer.

Final Wooden House

350mm square profile cedar is piled endlessly to create Sou Fujimoto Architects 'Final Wooden House'. The wooden square bungalow uses the wood to not only to create the structure but also the walls, ceiling, flooring, insulation, furniture, stairs and window frames. Link

Workerman wooden handlebars

Workerman wooden handlebars are handcrafted in Minneapolis, MN out of select hardwoods. No two bars will ever be the same, ensuring that what you are displaying on your bike is a one of a kind work of art. Link