9 November 2013

Get them while you can!

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be wrapping up the shop section of my website. So If you want any buttons, rulers or switches now is the time. Once they're gone they're gone!

7 May 2013

Mr Button + Picaloulou = Niceness

A little while ago children's knitwear brand Picaloulou approached me about using my Mr Buttons on some of their knitwear designs. As you can see they are now being used on their lovely Mr Button Striped Cardigans. Lovely!

5 March 2013

Jpegs Now Available!

The great guys at Thabto have just launched my Jpegs. A pack of three will set you back just £12 and are available directly from their website here.

19 January 2013

Little Red Sled + Snow = Joy

A successful day was had today giving the Little Red Sled a proper testing. Lets just say this bad boy flies!