21 April 2010

'Zippy' at Grand Designs Live

I'm really pleased to announce that my 'Zippy' chair will be on show at this years Grand Designs Live show at London's Excel Center. It will be on show as part of a room set created by New British Design, a new company that helps young British designers manufacture their products. More info can be found here.


Amazing! Is this the future of sculpting? Maybe not yet but surely it's only a matter of time. More info on Leonar3do can be found here.

Does The World Need Another Chair?

Furniture Designers Are Shifting Focus

An interesting article by Alice Rawsthorn. Read the full story here.

11 April 2010

iPad Teardown

It's always nice to see just how these things are made. See a full teardown of the Apple iPad here.

The 3D Revolution

Forget Avatar, the real 3D revolution is coming to your front room

A great article by Paul MacInnes. Read the full story here.

Dieter Rams At The Design Museum

Another nice little video from Cool Hunting celebrating the work of Dieter Rams the Design Museum.

Rainbow In Your Hand

The 'Rainbow in your hand' book by Masashi Kawamura is nothing short of brilliant. Link

Cassette Generator

Personalise your own here.


The DIYLILCNC project is a set of plans for an inexpensive, fully functional 3-axis CNC mill that can be built by an individual with basic shop skills and tool access for about £500. Looks like a great project for the future. Link