11 October 2011


Yesterday I sent a little email to swissmiss (one of my favorite design blogs) about some little buttons I'd made. I thought if I was lucky it would get posted and generate a few sales. Well it did get posted, and it certainly has generated some sales! Lets just say it looks like I've got a long weekend ahead of me packing and posting. It's also been posted on a number of other sites and the orders seem to still be coming. All I can really say is thank you swissmiss and thank you internet :)


  1. Just viewed your pieces - brilliant stuff! I, too, initially saw your buttons on Swiss Miss. Keep up the good work! PS - How much would it cost to send the handy ruler to the US? I think I need one. (agreer[at]gmail[dot]com)

  2. Hi April, Thanks for the nice comments. The Handy Rulers cost £1.75 to ship to the US.

  3. Got my Mr. Buttons today! Thanks from Toronto!